emu shareware

8086 emulator features: disassembler, screen, flags, stack and memory

double click on registers or a memory viewer opens an extended viewer

dos file system is emulated in \vdrive\ folder

integrated assembler produces 16 bit compatible code
Latest version: 15:15 April 15, 2014 Ashkelon Edition           Installation instructions:           copy emu.jar to: d:\emu\           To extract .jar archive type from console: jar xvf emu.jar           launch emu8086.exe           in case of missing dll, get Visual Basic Runtime Library           Avoid using any characters other than digits in equ constructs.           Tel/Fax: +972.           ymargoli@facebook.com           Buttons don't work?           Try different browser: Lynx, Firefox, Opera, Chrome.           jar program is a part of Java SE                     Ashkelon, Ashkelon the greatest city in the World at the Seaside.           Thank you!

a direct link: emu.jar 9,080,855 bytes